Thielemans x Demeulenaere

During the corona lockdowns, my good friend Jo Thielemans and me started sending each other takes and files. Jo is a musician and composer. Slowly we started building some tracks together. In Thielemans x Demeulenaere, we're mixing singing bowls with stuttering electronics, pulsating synths and forest atmospheres, gongs into slowed down frogs, field recordings with control voltages. We both like Brian Eno, Biosphere, astrophysics, and smooth soft raindrops. Unrelatedly, we keep sending each other book suggestions.

We're slowly working on some stuff. In the mean time, you can listen to some of those quarantine tracks here:

Jo Thielemans ยท Quarantine : Thielemans x Demeulenaere

Here you'll find more info on Jo Thielemans. You should check him out.