Everybody Lives Here

A project by The Third Guy and Stijn Demeulenaere

Stand still for a moment. Sit down, perhaps. Look around you, listen, observe. Maybe it's loud around you, maybe quiet, maybe those notions don't add up. What do you hear? Sounds come to you from everywhere, from all directions. Below the threshold of your consciousness, a place, a place introduces itself to you. You begin to focus on one sound, and you notice that next to it there is another sound, perhaps more interesting, more intriguing. A sound that almostpassed below the threshold of your attention. And so you listen on, jumping from sound to sound until you have recreated a whole world for yourself.

The Third Guy duo and Stijn Demeulenaere present a project where field recordings and musical instruments interact with the natural sonic environment of a place. Through real time interaction the performers create layers of sounds, all interacting with each other, creating a multilayered trialogue, bound between time linearity, and the space. With Everybody Lives Here we want to create a performance that explores the sound of spaces. Working with the sound of a place, adding our own sounds to it, and using them to highlight the auditory identity of the spaces we will be playing in. Through an interaction between the three performers and the audience, we want to create a sound environment that researches the sonic being of places, their acoustics, their soundscape and the listening of the audience and ourselves.


Performance at Night Air / Festival Kortrijk.    Pic by Gregory Vlieghe / Wilde Westen.
Performance at Night Air / Festival Kortrijk.    Pic by Gregory Vlieghe / Wilde Westen.
Performance at Night Air / Festival Kortrijk.    Pic by Gregory Vlieghe / Wilde Westen.
Performance bij SMOG (Brussel).    Pic by Wim Pauwels.
rehearsals at Zavod Sploh (SI).    Pic by Tomaž Grom.
rehearsals at Zavod Sploh (SI).    Pic by Ruben Orio.
rehearsals at Kunstenwerkplaats (BE).    Pic by Ruben Orio.
rehearsals at Kunstenwerkplaats (BE).    Pic by Daniel Demoustier.
rehearsals at De Grote Post (BE).    Pic by Primož Sukič.
field recording prep in Ostend (BE).    Pic by Primož Sukič.
rehearsals at Zavod Sploh (SI).    Pic by Tomaž Grom.
rehearsals at Zavod Sploh (SI).    Pic by Tomaž Grom.
Performance bij ZSenne Art Lab.    Rehearsal shot by Daniel Demoustier.
work in progress showing at Cirkulacija 2 (SI).    Pic by Tomaž Grom.
work in progress showing at Cirkulacija 2 (SI).    Pic by Tomaž Grom.
location scouting at Ostend (BE).    Pic by Primož Sukič.
The Cirkulacija 2 performance started with a soundwalk through Ljubljana (SI).    Pic by Primož Sukič.
Ready for the gig at ZSenne Art Lab.    Pic by Ruben Orio.


The Third Guy · Everybody lives here

The Third Guy

The Third Guy duo is a group based between Brussels and Paris, with Ruben Orio (Spain) on drums, and Primož Sukič (Slovenia) on guitar, both musicians also performing on electronics.

The Third Guy's sound moves between the acoustic, amplified, and electronic, and they understand themselves as a trio with an always open third entity. Every project they invite guest artists to collaborate with, which has allowed them to navigate between their different spheres of interests, from contemporary written music, over collaborations with composers, improvised music practices, video art, all the way to collaborations with experimental performance artists.

In 2019 The Third Guy released their first album entitled Shrimp & Karaoke  through the London based label Migro Records which features their own compositions, as well as a work by German noise composer Michael Maierhof "Splitting 65.3" which they developed in collaboration with the composer.

The Third Guy collaborated with artists James Saunders, Marko Ciciliani, Caroline Profanter, Matej Bonin, David Helbich, Petronella van Halen, Elina Lukijanova, and Mihael Maierhof; and performed in venues and festivals such as SIRGA Festival (Flix, Catalunia), University of Southampton (UK), Champ d’action in Antwerp, SPOR Festival in Aarhus (DK), Ljubljana city museum (SI), Miry concert Hall Ghent, and iMAL Brussels.

Stijn Demeulenaere

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound artist, field recordist and searching musician. After getting degrees in sociology and cultural studies, his fascination for sound led him to radio and since 2009 he’s creating installations, soundscapes and performances, and does sound design for dance and theatre. His work researches the relationship between identity, sound and listening. He also is involved in field recording and these days, a lot of his work starts from there. In his field recordings he’s exploring the relationship between sound, space and listening, with a particular emphasis on nature recordings. Stijn is attracted to sound because of its directness, its malleability, and its mystery. In sound he tries to unravel social structures, personal history and the unconscious imagination of people.
Pic by Laura Weber

He is currently artist in residence at the Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek (Brussels, BE). His work was shown or played in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Brazil, Canada and the UK. His work was nominated, a finalist at or won prizes at, amongst others, the Discovery Award at LOOP Barcelona (ES), the European Sound Art Award (DE), the Sound of the Year Awards (UK), the Engine Room international sound art competition (UK), the GRAND PRIX at the Split Videoart Festival (these last two together with Jan Locus) and the soundscape composition prize of Musica (BE). Stijn is supported by the Flemish Community. He lives and works in Brussels (BE).

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Everybody Lives Here   is a project by The Third Guy and Stijn Demeulenaere.

With the help of Karlien Vanhoonacker, Eva Welkenhuyzen, Lieve Demin, Tom De Cock, Viktor De Greef, Hugo Bergs, Frédéric Van de Velde, Sam Serruys, Tomaž Grom, Clara Levy, Pascal Lervant, Lore Sommereyns, Roosje Mestdagh, Daniel Demoustier, Ioana Mandrescu, Jo Thielemans, Wim Pauwels, and the crews at Kunstenwerkplaats, C-Takt, Musica, De Grote Post, Wilde Westen, Zavod Sploh, GMEA, and SMOG. Our sincere gratitude to all of you.