Latitudes - September 2016

Latitudes - September 2016  is the first release in my Latitudes series. The album was released on Silken Tofu. The album is a recording of a concert I did in Q-O2, organised by the Moacrealsloa radio show in September 2016. Latitudes  is a project where I combine field recordings and sounds from all over the world in soundscapes, compositions and installations. For this release, the bulk of the recordings came from Iceland and South Africa.

Latitudes - September 2016  is cd in a custom A5 cover. A limited edition of 149 copies. You can buy a copy from the website of Silken Tofu or buy a digital copy from Bandcamp.

The sounds of the release and the release itself were made possible by the help of Wim Pauwels, Frederic Alstadt, Nico Bogaerts, Q-O2, Francisco López, James Webb, Chris Watson , Jez Riley French, Jana Winderen, BJ Nilsen and Jurgen De Blonde. Thank you all. Also thanks to all the participants of the Sonic Mmabolela Residency 2013, the Wildeye Iceland Recording gathering 2015, the Sonic Acts field recording workshop 2016 and the guides at Sonic Mmabolela.